Tips for Your Living Room Wall Redecoration

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Wall decoration is a tedious process. In redecorating your wall, different people use different styles that bring out their taste and personality Cohen Home Furniture Farmingdale Whether you are a book lover, an art collector or even a fan of nature, we have the best tips for redecorating your home to ensure you are surrounded by the things you are passionate about. These tips are; large-scale art, install shelves, use plants, mounting your television, using the wall for storage purposes, hanging a large calendar, hanging an oversized map, create a gallery wall, hanging mirrors, hang fabric, create an accent wall. 

Large-Scale Art 

Go for an oversized photograph or painting. This helps command attention and creates an attitude in your living room. You can use a black and white photo or add color according to your taste. 

Install Shelves 

In a small living room where you have run out of floor space for your books or accessories, install hanging shelves and display your items considering size and color. 

Use Plants 

Plants do not always have to stay on the floor or on windowsills. Try wall-mounted plants to add life to your walls. 

 Mounting Your Television 

While redecorating your living room, mount your flat screen on the wall. This helps improve the overall look of your living room as well as create space on your media cabinet. 

Using the Wall for Storage Purposes 

In case you run out of closet space, install hooks or pegs on your wall. Hanging your coats or hats in a cluster creates a practical and attractive display in your living room. 

Hanging a Large Calendar 

An oversized calendar helps you keep track of events as well as adding a dazzling effect in your living room. Bright and bold calendars help add color and also give your living room a modern look. 

Hanging an Oversized Map 

Hang a world map in your living room. You can add personalized maps of cities, towns, countries or just the world in just about any color you prefer. You can take a step farther and add pins to the places you plan to visit or those which you have already visited. 

Create a Gallery Wall 

Add personality and taste to your living room by creating a gallery wall. Display a collection of your favorite photographs or art. You can also add a few wall hangings to achieve a given pattern or create variations. Quick tip: your gallery wall should extend to the ceiling to generate the illusion of a huge space. 

Hanging Mirrors 

Mirrors reflect light making a small space feel bigger and brighter. You can hang a large mirror or display smaller mirrors in a salon style. 

Hang Fabric 

A tapestry adds pattern and color as well as a sense of calm to your living room. Consider hanging pretty and soft textiles with a variation of color and pattern. 

Create an Accent Wall 

Consider redecorating the wall itself. Use bold and bright colors to paint, bring in wallpapers or use other decorative paint techniques for your living room wall. Quick tip: You can even redecorate your ceiling so as to create a matching pattern all around your living room.  


Whichever way you find appropriate for redecorating your walls, it is good to seek advice from interior designers. This helps reduce the chances of making errors of misusing your resources.