Apartment renting

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An apartment can be basically be defined as any residential unit inside a building. The building can be a house, large residential building, townhouse or condominium high-rise where the owners sublet their units. Moreover, the apartments are distinguished from other buildings since they are rented units and not owned by tenants. Therefore, apartments are leased out and hence each apartment has different management with different governing agreements. Some of the agreements are good others not really good depending on you. 

Before renting an apartment it’s good to know more about it, below are some of the question you can ask before renting:  

1.       What are the lease terms? 

You should be aware of when the lease begins and ends before you even have a glance at the place you want to rent. You should also know the unit cost per month and the late payment rent policies whether they are any penalties. Get to know all the restrictions within the apartment and know how the lease will break. 

2.       Are utilities included in the cost? 

Depending on the agreement with the landlord utility may or may not be included in the cost of the rent. The mostly factored utility is water, but heating, electricity, and gas are commonly paid by the tenant.  

3.       Do you require renter’s insurance? 

Renters insurance provides coverage in case of some accidents such as fire, flood, and theft. The insurance may be either be paid monthly or in any method as you will agree with the landlord. It’s better to get the insurance before you move on otherwise you will never get it. 

4.       How do I pay the rent? 

You should not only consider the cost of the apartment, it’s good to know the payment mode that will be suitable for both you and the landlord. Different managements have a number of options including online payment, but if you will be dealing with the landlord individually you will have to agree the best mode Montreal apartements by Cap rent  

5.       How are repairs taken care of, especially in an emergency? 

At the start, everything will be perfect but also consider the time an accident or an emergency arises, ask whether maintenance is available 24/7 and how quickly they respond in case of an emergency. Get to know whether the landlord asks you to repair and later present the document for expenses and deduct from the rent cost or all will be done instantly by the owner. Whatever process you would like to know it’s the best moment to know. 

6.       How secure is the property? 

You can get this by walking around the area and scope out of the area. Check the crime statistics of the area and get to know whether the neighborhood is relatively safe. Additionally, ask the manager to cover the security features that the apartment has this includes the buzzer system, watchman and anything else that adds to security. 

After asking the above question and you are well satisfied, now check the apartment in relevance with the bellow factors:  

1.       Appliances 

As soon as you view a potential apartment check clearly at the appliances. Check the state of the refrigerator, dishwater, and oven. Keenly ensure there is minimal wear and tear, above all, compare the capacity to which you are used to whether the appliances will hold it. If you are concerned on the utility bills check whether they are new enough to incorporate energy- saving features. 

2.       Layout 

Don’t check the square footage only in each room but also the space in the room is also important. The space between windows, doors and any other features that can make a difference in how you set your apartment will be of great consideration. The space in the bedroom is more important and get to know how spacious the closet is, whether the bed will fit in the room too. Will the space limit the furniture you have? Will it limit your decoration? Get to know the outlets in each room and the phone jacks and the cable outlets.