Air Conditioner Installation And Maintenance Steps

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? It is wise to ensure that your is maintained regularly as this will solve some of the problems that are likely to occur in future. It?s almost impossible to have a unit that will not have problems in its entire lifespan, and for this reason, the homeowner needs to be careful all the time and ensure he has contacted the technician in case of any problem. The average lifespan of an AC system is 14 years. It is therefore important for the homeowner to have a clear plan and budget for this entire period. Just in case you have an AC that cools and heats your home, then make a point of having it checked at least once a year as this will help get rid of some problems that might have accumulated along the way.

There are some simple maintenance steps that you need to observe in order to prevent your unit from a sudden breakdown. However, do not assume that you can do them on your own without the close supervision of an contractor. Prevention is always better than cure, you?d rather have him close to your AC and ensure all is safe than assume you can handle it and bring a mess. 

First of all, the inspection of the outdoor units is necessary and it needs to be done with the HVAC contractor. The complete system needs to be checked and cleaned just in case there is any accumulating debris.  It is also at this time that the drain openings are removed. The coil and the blades are also cleaned. The surrounding accessories such as the wires and connectors are also checked and cleaned.  The electrical units, compressor as well as the adjacent tubes have to be checked and should be in a good working state.   

The indoor units such as the blower and the wheels also have to be checked and lubricated if possible to ensure they remain in a good working condition. It is at this point that you also have to check on any leaking points and ensure they have been sealed before they result into a big loss. The ignition system and the heating facility also need to be in good order. The wiring connections can also be cleaned to ensure there is no chances of corrosion.

The right time to check on your system when it is on. During this time, you can listen to any strange sound or smell.  At this point you can then regulate the temperature as well as the air flow to a level that you want. Of course the openings in your home will allow for good air flow, these preventive measures can save you a great deal.